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I’ve got survival food packed in my Bug Out Bag, but I also know that it is going to run out quickly. That is why one of the most important survival skills to know (whether for camping or the zombie apocalypse) is being able to tell if a plant is edible.

In the ideal world, we’d all get copies of edible plant field guides, and learn every single plant in them. But this just ain’t gonna happen. Even if my memory was good enough to remember all of the edible plants, putting this knowledge to use in survival situations is a lot harder. Lots of edible plants resemble poisonous ones (especially the case with mushrooms), so going on visual ID just isn’t going to cut it. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t memorize edible plants (start with these ones) – but you should also learn the Universal Edibility Test too.

The Universal Edibility Test

The Universal Edibility Test is a series of steps you take to determine whether a plant is poisonous or safe to eat. The idea of the steps is to gradually expose your body to the plant and see if any reaction occurs. This way, if the plant is poisonous, you won’t get it in a high dose and any negative effects will be minimal.

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