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Surgical Tools and comprehensive First Aid Kits will be vital in any situation where a severe injury occurs and help can’t reach you.

If you are unable to get to a medical facility or if they are no longer functioning, advanced first aid will be something each us needs to be prepared to do in case of a medical emergency.

One surgical and suture kit should be in every stocked survival and trauma kit. If you’re camping, hunting or fishing one severe injury that causes severe blood loss could be lethel in the great outdoors. Make sure your backpack or your bug out bag has our Military Surgical Kit as part of your medical supplies. You hope you never need to stitch a wound, but if medical help is unavailable this sutures kit will make all the difference when needed.

Stainless Steel Surgical Kit includes:

2 Straight Hemostats

1 Curved Hemostat

1 Pair of Stainless Steel Scissors

1 #3 Scalpel Handle

2 Scalpel Blades

1 Pair Tweezers

1 Suture Set

1 Needle Probe

Alcohol Wipes

Antiseptic Wipes

Pen Light

Molle Carrying Case


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