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The United States is teetering on the edge of financial disaster. The conditions are so severe it could happen by tomorrow, next week, or next month. Everywhere we look, the economic news is grim.

Earlier this year, the Bank of Scotland is telling clients that 2016 is going to be a “cataclysmic year” and that they should “sell everything”. Deutsche Bank failed all of its stress tests as have every other bank.

The collective market value of companies listed on the S&P 500 has dropped by a trillion dollars since the start of 2016, and panic is spreading like wildfire all over the globe. RBS, is on the record saying that the only logical thing to do is to “sell everything” except for high quality bonds. Our largest bank, J.P. Morgan Chase, is “urging investors to sell stocks on any bounce”…

If we are witnessing the world’s free fall into a major global deflationary crisis, the price of oil needs to get back above 5$0 a barrel. Yet, Dallas Federal Reserve Chief, President Robert Kaplan, recently stated that the price of oil is going to stay very low for the next several years to come.
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28 Items You Didn’t Know You Could Freeze

Wintertime always tends to put me into a bit of a squirrel mode. IE: I like to stash and bury things now that will save me time and money later.  Over the years I have come up with some interesting items that you may never have thought could be frozen for use at a later date.

1. Cheese

You can freeze blocks of cheese without it becoming crumbly if you let it thaw completely before putting it in the fridge. If you prefer to shred your cheese first, add a tablespoon or so of cornstarch or flour to the bag and shake it to prevent clumping when it thaws.

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copereynolds-150x150When it comes to disaster survival and self defense, there’s no better teacher than the men and women of the military.

Members of the armed services are taught to think quickly, shoot accurately and use the materials available to them in order to survive in a variety of situations — and they’re able to do it all in extremely high-stress environments.

You may never be in an active combat situation, but it is quite likely you may someday find yourself in a high-stress situation that requires impeccable survival skills and thinking on your feet. If you don’t have military training, you should take the time to learn these skills as best you can in order to protect yourself in the future.

Read on for some of our military survival tips, including how to fire your weapon with sniper-like accuracy or how to survive the cold like a Navy SEAL. Learn these skills and more without having to go through boot camp!

Let’s get started with a few of our tried and true shooting tips…
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