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With the surge of disasters that have hit the country in the past few years, Americans are finally waking up to the need to stockpile emergency supplies. Even if you can make it to a supermarket during a disaster, items are going to quickly disappear off the shelves – and you might even have to fight your way to get products. So, you MUST have non-perishable foods, like canned goods, and a lot of water stockpiled to help you get through a disaster (get a list of foods to stockpile here). But, sorry to break it to you: stockpiling food isn’t going to be enough to get you through a long-term disaster. Here is a list of non-food items you will also need to stockpile.

Hygiene Items

Hygiene isn’t just a matter of smelling nice while you wait out a disaster. If you get dirty, then it can become a serious health risk. Of these items, the most important is going to be buckets and trash bags to serve as a toilet. You can read more about survival hygiene and how to make an emergency toilet system here.
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